Our Team

Brenda Swann | Wedding Specialist & Advocate of Merriment

Somewhere along the adventure I call my life I made up a personal motto; “Don’t stop to count time, make time count!

I am grateful for every offering life has presented me, from the small to the abundant. I truly believe living life is about fearlessly traveling ALL the roads in front of you, even if you end up going in circles with bare feet! This mantra has enabled me to not only enjoy every experience in life but take-on new adventures… What began as helping a friend with her wedding over nine years ago, has grown to be my livelihood.

Born in Mexico City, I still speak my native tongue (although with a humorous American accent). Traveling is what has enhanced my life. Charged with a positive attitude and zest for the undiscovered, I have spent time immersed in the cultures and adversity of others, learning about the intricacies of family and love, and the meaning of commitment and sacrifice. From studying in New Delhi, India, to crashing Moroccan weddings in Casablanca, and building homes on the hills of El Salvador,  my thirst for life and ambition to live it to the fullest lies in making time count… which is exactly what I focus on when planning weddings, enjoying the moments that will forever be etched in our memory…and be caught on camera too! 

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