Philosophy & Services


Mission: To encourage and inspire you to enjoy life…through good food and fun celebrations!

Practical. Collaborative. Balanced. 

That is my approach to everything; from planning milestone events (weddings if I must be specific) to preparing healthy meals (for one or five). In order to be successful, we must be practical about resources, sort through priorities together, and focus on the end goals throughout the process.

I specialize in working with clients who want realistic and sustainable options, but who also like to have fun along the way! Be it for planning a party of 200 guests or just dinner for the family… I look forward to being part of it!



  • Wedding & Event Planning:

You’re engaged!!!  Obviously thrilled to bits, you’ve started your Wedding Board on Pinterest.  You’ve changed your Facebook status, and posted the Instagram pics… but now you’re overwhelmed.

Fear no more! I will help you keep your planning on track, procure a killer professional vendor team, sort out the logistics, and execute your swoon-worthy soirée… so you can keep your feet on the ground and enjoy all that surrounds!

I offer one partial planning option to keep things fun but productive. Inclusive of the custom guidance you need (vendor pairing, monthly check-ins, day-of coordination, and more!)  without all the fluff you don’t.

Contact me to check on availability and pricing.


  • Holistic Health Coaching:

If you’d like to learn to cook, how to navigate a grocery store, or just want someone to help you prep healthy, balanced, and nourishing meals for your busy life, I am your girl!

Whether your goal is to eat healthier, whole foods; or just get out of the Taco Tuesday and Pasta Friday rut, I’ll teach you how to find your way around a kitchen, what ingredients to source (and where to find them!), and help you build a convenient and natural culinary repertoire. Fancy equipment not necessary, and tasting definitely encouraged, together we’ll find your inner chef! Did I mention the best part? Every class ends with delicious food (for your body and soul).


  • Consulting:

My areas of expertise are abundant and varied; Small business owner, award-winning Wedding Planner, Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, Chemical-Free Living and Nutritional Psychology specialist, and so much more.

Instead of waiting around for me to have free time to “pick my brain,” reserve dedicated one-on-one time to talk about what you want! Let’s define your goals, establish an action plan, and get on the road to living the rich, satisfying, and balanced life you want!



San Diego State University Graduate | Institute for Integrative Nutrition Graduate

Board Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners

Environmental Toxin scholar | Institute for the Psychology of Eating scholar