Inspire Me Monday: Charmed by Daisies

Downtown San Diego on a Friday night: The streets alive and busy, people out for dinner, getting ready for a fun night out. Among them were the two of us, my fiance Justin & I, hand in hand,  enjoying the nice evening. We walked past a flower stand in Horton Plaza where my eyes were caught by some cheerful and charming Gerbera Daisies in yellows and oranges. They inspired me to create this small Gerbera Daisies inspiration board. Hope they bring a little cheer and charm to you!


Links for photos, from top left corner going clockwise


  1. […] Daisies I saw in a magazine. It’s no secret I love Gerbera Daisies, some of you probably saw my Charmed by  Daisies Inspiration Board post based on the happy flowers right here a few months ago. The picture I saw gave me a feeling I […]

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