5 Colors That Photograph Best

San Diego Wedding Planner Swann Soirees

Pretty pinks, brilliant blues, pops of purple — a little bit of color can go a long way, especially when it comes to wedding and engagement photos! When navigating the rainbow to craft the perfect wedding color palette, it’s important to choose hues that are complementary with one another, but also catch the viewer’s eye, without detracting from the focal points of the photo.

With so many tasks on your wedding to-do list, color coordination is probably the last thing on your mind  — but thankfully, we’ve got you covered! Here are a few no-fail shades that look lovely in front of the camera lens!

San Diego Wedding Planner Swann Soirees

Pale Blue. Elegant yet modern, vibrant yet understated — pale blue is definitely a key color to consider when building out your color scheme from a photography perspective. To prevent the light pigment from washing out your skin, aim for more pastel-toned shades of blue and consider pairing it with pieces in darker colors, like a chic pair of dark-denim jeans.

Celery Green. If you love soothing, neutral shades, but want to avoid white or beige, consider opting for celery green. Not only does it photograph well, but it also provides a unique twist on the standard wedding color scheme. It’s also extremely versatile. For the best effect, try accenting celery green details with other neutral tones, like khaki suits for your groomsmen or burlap table runners.

Blush Pink. You may be hesitant to sport all neutral tones for your wedding, fearing that they may wash you out or appear muted on film. However, colors like blush pink or dusty rose are neutral enough to not detract from the photo, since they have deeper undertones. The result? A soft, feminine look that’s sure to enhance your natural beauty!

Deep Purple. For a pop of color and a touch of elegance, incorporate darker shades of purple — think plum or bordeaux — into your photos. Not only do these hues photograph beautifully, but also they also look lovely when paired with natural tones like grey or ivory. Looking to amp up the glam factor? Consider accenting your purple wedding details with shimmering gold accents.

San Diego Wedding Planner Swann Soirees

Rich Red. There’s a reason why so many stars choose this color time and time again! It’s bold, eye-catching and definitely makes a statement from a photography standpoint. Still, be sure to tread lightly if you opt to wear red in your photos. Loud, fire-engine shades of red can be overpowering — instead, try selecting richer shades, like a dark cherry or red wine-inspired hue. Or, pair neutrals with one accent piece that boasts a bright shade of red.

You don’t have to be an expert at mastering the color wheel to choose a palette that perfectly suits your wedding day. All you need to do is choose hues that work cohesively with one another to enhance the natural beauty of your wedding and highlight the main subjects of the photo — you and your dashing groom!

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