Wedding Registry 101

Wedding registries are a fun ‘must-do’ item on a couple’s planning check-list… we venture to say it ranks right up there with cake tastings & wedding ring shopping. But for some couples, registering for wedding gifts can be somewhat daunting if you have no clue what to register for or why you even need to (I mean, you already live together, you have eeeverything). Many of you even hope that by not registering you will just get cash for the honeymoon or that house you just bought (you know, the one with eeeeverything already in it  but needs a new stove or bathroom remodel).

Well let us tell ya… the chances of you getting cash when you don’t register are lower than the chances of the Chargers winning  (yeah, we went there). So while there is no written rule stating you have to register for gifts, you need to do everyone a favor (including yourselves) and at the very least have a humble registry. Most of your guests are likely going to bring you a gift and without any sort of guidance, you might end up with a variety of random items (home made flower vase, crafted by what can only be assumed was the cat), random restaurant gift cards, frames that don’t match your decor, or believe it, a re-gift. It has happened, we have seen it!

Please don’t misconstrue what we are saying, throwing a wedding isn’t about the gifts you are going to get, but undoubtedly you will receive some (that’s right, not everyone will bring you a gift, gasp!) and you need to make it easy on everyone who wants to give you something.

Now that you’ve decided to register, before you go scanner-happy, sit down together and assess what you have as a couple to figure out what voids need to be filled.

A-  If you’ve spent the past few years in bachelor/ette paradise of dorm-room bedding and mix-matched décor they’ve collected from college buddies and thrift shops, now it the time to donate all of that &  start with the basics.  A high quality bedding set (heard of Egyptian cotton?), quality pots & pans, a complete dishware set (you know that isn’t paper), or basic bathroom linens are all good.  Don’t be afraid to ask for the fun stuff either!  How about a grill?  Margarita maker? Lawnmower? Or that infamous Vitamix mixer!? Believe us, you WILL use it.

B- For those couples who are truly closer to having “everything,” consider an upgrade! Register for gorgeous china  or silver that can become your family heirloom or how about a gourmet knife set for those of you home-cooks. How about the honeymoon?  Sites like and can manage that for you. Lastly, you can have guests donate to a non-profit organization or charity instead, and are great sites to check out for this option, as well as your favorite charity directly of course!

We now have an idea of the what, so on to the where!  Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, Pottery Barn, and Williams-Sonoma are extremely popular choices for gift registry.  These stores are easy to find and also offer online shopping which makes it super easy for your guests to shop for you!  When choosing your stores, try to register  for items in every price range.  Think of your guest list, some guests may be financially well off while you may have a distant cousin funding their way through college.  Not everyone can get you the big-ticket items, so offer some choices to let them feel they are still getting you something you want for what they can afford.

Informing Guests:  First and foremost, do NOT talk about registries on your wedding invitation or place those oh-so-convenient yet incredibly tacky store inserts in there!  Traditional etiquette suggest to rely solely on word-of-mouth sharing of said information by your family and bridal party to the rest of your guest list, although in modern times, it is perfectly okay to put this info on your wedding website.  A

Remember to always send a “Thank You” to anyone who gives you a wedding gift at any point, send that note of gratefulness right away too! Don’t wait.  Do note that some guests may send your gift months before the wedding, some will bring it to the bridal shower, and others may send their gift months after.  Traditional etiquette gives guests a full year to send a wedding gift to you. So try not to panic if not every guest brings you a gift to the wedding and STILL send them a Thank You for coming to share the day with you.

Happy planning!


Brenda & Brittany


Image above by Kristy Huston

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