Year in Review Part II: San Diego Wedding Planner

As I am reminiscing over the last year, which quite frankly went by faster than the Shanghai Transrapid, I can’t help but have my mind pop in & out of the last nine years as well… While there is too much to recount since 2004, I will confess that exactly one year ago,  I was doing the final prep work for the wedding that would simultaneously send-off 2012 while kicking-off 2013, what I *thought* would be the last year of Swann Soirées.

They say that when you are ready to go out, you must not look back, and since I was convinced that I had been there, done that, and achieved all that needed to be achieved as a small town Wedding Planner, I let the fiery passion that fueled me to build my company in the first place become but a mere kindle. I imagine some people recognize that as being burned-out, but I saw it as “my life is capable of more adventure than this!” -Whatever it actually was put me in a place where my ego and work-ethic went head-to-head for an entire year, non-stop. In hindsight, it has probably been the only time I welcomed being so stubborn (“Oh you better believe I am gonna finish this, and I am gonna finish it WELL!”). It has been exhausting on all levels and that “adventure” I wanted… well I got it… maybe not in the climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro manner I still yearn for, but I got it alright.

I will spare you the hot mess situations that were the stress-inducing sleepless nights for my team and I (just turn on any wedding t.v. show for that crap), and instead, show you, via some of the photos from our events what the last 364 days have been filled with. You may not be able to see the same things I see; such as the character growth in each of my squad, achievements they made, the serious physical muscle it took at some points or patience for that matter, to function, the last minute craft projects, or the innovation of managing a suddenly shrunken budget ($8k for 200 guests! What??!). You also wont see the epiphanies we had,  skills that were utilized, gained, or refined, and not to mention shared with budding planners galore! Nor will you see the relationships we built, the 87-message email chain leading to a bridesmaid dress decision, the families we are now a part of, the individuals we encouraged, supported, advocated for, comforted, and who’s secrets we still keep… Lastly, that some of our efforts had nothing to do with the weddings at all…But what you will see is the LAUGHTER and the LOVE… which reignited Swann Soirées (read: ME) to stand proud & strong, with my little ol’ company and the little ol’ adventures, which amount to soo much more I ever credited them for.

Cheers to 2014 friends!!

Let the adventure continue yo!


Blair_Nicole_Photography_New Children's MuseumImage by Blair Nicole Photography

Studio 512 PhotographyImage by Studio 512

Swann Soirees Instagram

Swann Soirees Instagram | Estancia La Jolla Wedding  Swann Soirees Instagram | Rancho Santa Fe Wedding

Swann Soirees Instagram | Estancia La Jolla Wedding

Swann Soirees Instagram | Martin  Johnson House, La Jolla Wedding

Swann Soirees Instagram | Bali Hai Wedding

Swann Soirees Instagram | Napa CaliforniaWedding  Swann Soirees Instagram | Bali Hai Wedding

Swann Soirees Instagram | Tom Ham's LighthouseWedding

Swann Soirees Instagram | Carneros Inn, Napa,Wedding   Image by Acqua Photo | Scriips Seaside ForumImage by Acqua Photo

Image by SheWanders Photography

Image by SheWanders PhotographyAbove images by SheWanders Photography

Blair_Nicole_Photography_ New Children's Museum Wedding

Blair_Nicole_Photography_ New Children's Museum WeddingAbove Images by Blair Nicole Photography

Sean Walker Photography

Image by Sean Walker Photography

Blair_Nicole_Photography_Tara_Dan_Wedding-125 copy   Image by Blair Nicole Photograhy

Bauman Photographers | Balboa Park Admin Building Wedding  Bauman PhotographersAbove images by Bauman Photographers

Sean Walker Photography

Sean Walker PhotographyAbove images by Sean Walker Photography

Swann Soirees Instagram | Tom Ham's Lighthouse Wedding

Studio 512 Photography

Studio 512 PhotographyAbove images by Studio 512

Allie Lindsey Photography

Allie Lindsey PhotographyImages above by Allie Lindsey Photography

Studio 64 PhotographyImage by Studio 64 Photography

  True Photography

True PhotographyAbove images by True Photography

Studio 64 Photography

Image by Studio 64 Photography

True PhotographyImage by True Photography

Swann Soirees Instagram | Thursday Club Wedding | White Bridesmaid Dresses

Swann Soirees Instagram | SDMA Balboa Park Wedding

Acqua Photo | Scripps Seaside Forum

Image by Acqua Photo

Non Pro Images via Instagram: @SwannSoirees


  1. Thank you for being a HUGE part of our 2013!! I miss our emails, and I miss your calming presence as I tackle seemingly impossible issues that you make a breeze! Cheers to 2013, and wishing you and the whole Swann Squad a wonderful 2014!

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