Thursday Thoughts: Wedding design & details

One of the things we love most about planning weddings is the small details which make a wedding unique, not unique in the common understanding of ‘never seen before’ but in the sense of personalization to make it yours, to showcase what is important to you, or what brought you together. We love doing this because all of the guests who are going to celebrate with you would have likely been by your side as your relationship developed… through these experiences… and watched you grow as a couple. It is really quite romantic!

When we start the design process, first, we take some time to talk with you (together) and have you share what you love to do.  For example, you may love to go rock climbing together, or your first date movie was Disney’s Up. So we will find a way to represent those things that you hold near and dear in your wedding design. Be it  by accessorizing the groom’s boutonniere or  the bride’s bouquet with little trinkets from the movie, using photos of your favorite climbing spots as the table numbers, or perhaps just creating simple decor vignettes throughout the venue with representations of you… think of the wedding as being a little museum giving an ode to your relationship.

For the couples who may not have a “thing” we find out what aspects of their  lives mean the most… such as family, trust, each other, etc., (by the way, those are “things”)- in order to incorporate simple yet meaningful touches into their decor. Maybe there is a family heirloom cake cutting set or cake topper…the best part of  this simplicity in design, is that those pieces are usually passed down in families or they can become the future treasured piece! As a closet sentimentalist, I love the idea of having momentos from such a big day in our home to someday pass on.

Below are photos from some of our Swanny’s weddings to illustrate what we’ve shared. Remember, no matter the size of your budget or what “things” you like,  personalizing your wedding doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated.

Happy Planning.



Real San Diego Wedding Planner Swann SoireesImage by Aaron and Samantha Photography

Doxie Cake TopperImage by Gabrielle Fox Photography

Real San Diego Wedding Planner Swann SoireesImages by Blair Nicole Photography

Real San Diego Wedding Planner Swann SoireesImage by Matthew Morgan Photography

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