Real Wedding Snapshot: Carrie & Greg {Military Wedding}

We love our Military weddings because there is so much pride and tradition incorporated into the  celebration.

This tradition is called the “Arch of Swords” and though it  differs slightly among the different branches of the Armed Forces, it is one of our favorite!  Typically, after the ceremony, as part of the recessional, the bride and groom pass through an arch of swords upheld by a set of service members (typically you have at least two service members but can have as many as 20!).  As the bride & groom walk through, they must stop just before each set of sword bearers who have lowered their swords in demand of “a kiss to pass” -so the bride and groom exchange a kiss before continuing on, this repeats for as many times as there are swords and it is sooo cute!  At the very end, the last sword bearer, who is generally the most senior ranking, is given the honor of delivering the gentle “welcome swat” to the backside of the bride, and proclaiming loud and clear: “Welcome to the Marines Ma’am!!” or the appropriate branch of service.

This is definitely among our favorite elements to coordinate for our military weddings!



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Images by Trailbrook Photography

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