Inspire Me Monday: Healthy Ever After!

We like to encourage our Swanny couples to take care of themselves by staying active and reducing stress.  Let’s face it, planning can get pretty stressful.  To better facilitate an active lifestyle and healthy habits, we have partnered with Yoga Six to help you feel your best!

Yoga Six in Liberty Station, Point Loma, is an upscale studio offering a wide variety of yoga and fitness classes for all levels.  We recently had the pleasure of joining in on a Y60 Slow Flow session with Kristi.  Our experience at this studio was pretty incred from the moment we walked through the door, it was nothing but welcoming smiles.

This studio is impeccably clean, just the right temperature, and have we mentioned the GORGEOUS bathrooms?!  That’s right, bathrooms. Lockers, clean showers, hair dryers, razors, mouthwash – OH MY!!  Ever forget to bring your shampoo or bobby pins from home?  No problem! Toiletries are available for anyone’s use.

As incredible as the amenities are, let’s get to the more important aspect, the practice itself.  If you have little to no experience with yoga, don’t fret!  Each position is executed at your own pace and explained thoroughly by the expert instructors.  The sessions last about an hour, but time seems to go quickly while concentrating on your energy and breathing.

If you are interested in checking out Yoga Six, click here to visit their website and get a little more info about pricing and classes.  We absolutely loved our visit and practice session, thank you ladies for a wonderful experience.



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 Images courtesy of: Yoga Six

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