Thursday Thought: Back to the Basics

From the cake tasting, to trying on gorgeous dresses (or dapper tuxes), to having a blast at all the pre-wedding activities, the process of planning a wedding can be so much fun!  However, in light of recent events with our legislation, we’ve been given an important reminder that the purpose of a wedding is to celebrate the love and commitment of two people who want to share their lives together and celebrate with their loved ones.

As you are on your planning journey, keep in mind that you may not always receive positive affirmation from those around you for a variety reasons; from the color palette, to your invitation design, or to what music you want to walk down the isle to. But don’t get caught up trying to please everyone with an opinion (asked for or not) when it comes to how you want to see the day unfold.  Every couple deserves to enjoy their special day, including  you!  The goal is to have fun and be with the ones who love and support your decisions and future together.

Happy Planning!




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Image by: Mauer Image Photography

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