Inspire Me Monday: Honeymoon Dance {aka The Money Dance}


Are you planning on including the Honeymoon/Money Dance into your reception but don’t want to have people pin money on your dress (they’ll ruin it) or slip-it in your pocket (they’ll cop a feel)… why not wear a fanny pack instead??

We’re not getting into a debate about the actual tradition around the money dance … where it came from or why people use it… today we are focused on efficiency and safety. Because the reality is that people can’t pin the money on the groom safely, much less on the bride’s gazillion dollar dress… they prick themselves trying to attach their dollar bill on you, then there is a bloody mess everywhere and we have to call the paramedics and well that’s just not really the kind of entertainment most of us expect or want at a wedding… Can you imagine if the pin had a curse on it?! And if the person trying to pin you fell into an eternal slumber that could only be broken by true love’s kiss… oh that would be drama, especially if they are there with a “plus 1” that they insisted was “serious” enough for you to have to let them bring them… but I digress…

Kiersten & Bradley didn’t want to go through any of that during their Honeymoon dance, so instead, they donned the most efficient satchel ever invented, the fanny pack!  It was perfectly awesome! I love fanny packs & for those of you who;ve sen me working at weddings, you know I love wearing mine! Except nobody deposits money in mine… Mostly chewed gum… ANYWAY, I loved that they chose to wear them because I didn’t have to take the money off them in a hurry,  prick myself a million times while trying to straighten the bills in order of value, put them in something “safe”, hand the loot off to someone of responsibility, and theeeeen be released of liability. Money was given straight to couple, it was contained, and they could walk around with it on for the rest of the night! HA!

Are you going to have a money dance??



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