Inspire Me Monday: New Twist to a Classic, the Bouquet Toss!

I am not certain where the tradition of tossing the bouquet at a wedding came from, but I can tell you that as of late, many brides are choosing to exclude this formality from their reception programs. Which I find a little sad, I mean where else during the party to you get to choose a song that screams “girl power?” Equally, I completely understand how many do not want to single-out (pun intended) the ladies who are yet to be married, or the fact that YOU are the last one to be getting married.

Sometimes though, the client really wants to include a tradition but aren’t sure how to make it unique, fun, and a success, so we try to come up with new twists… and while I realize that a new translation of an old classic is not always really that “new,” it is new to the couple and likely their friends, so we go with it and enjoy it! There’s no wedding-score keeper lurking in the shadows waiting to call you out on authenticity.

In the case of Joy & Noah (yes, that is our lovely former Swanny now Swann Squad member), we decided that the bouquet toss would be for ALL of the ladies, as a way to pay tribute to all of the amazing women who’ve been part of her life. So the women were all invited to the dance floor to participate, as they eagerly awaited the chucking (because you know no bouquet is ever really just tossed) of the beautiful red-rose bouquet, they soon realized that the bouquet was actually made up of individually wrapped roses and sprayed out to everyone in the bouquet-catching vicinity. They loved it! I mean just take a look at the guest on the lower right photo!?

Wish I would have thought about this for my wedding!

Are you going to toss a bouquet at yours?



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Images by White Haute Photography

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