Wedding Day Transportation {Thursday Thoughts}

Believe it or not, transportation is often forgotten about during the wedding planning. Not because couples think they’re going to magically appear at their celebrations, but honestly, there are SO many things to think about and consider before even deciding on a mode of transportation, especially when a large bridal party is involved. Often times, grooms ask us “What, we can’t just drive in ourselves?”- which is a little funny to me… because I know what the day will be like, but seldom do clients realize, they really don’t want to do that… so we have to figure out a solution together… not only for them but for everyone else.

Some things to consider when it comes to transportation:

1. Who are you transporting and what is the purpose? Do we want to keep everyone together for photos? Are people from out of town? Are you providing a safe way home?

2. When do you want to provide transportation? To the ceremony?  To reception? To after-party?

3. Budget. What can you spend on this? Not to be confused with how much you want or should spend on it, but what do you have to spend?

Anyway, here are what some Swannys have previously chosen as part of their day. Makes me wish I could ride in something fancy every day!



Photo by Anika London.

Photo by True Photography.

Photo by Narrative Images, Transportation by A Leading Limo

Photo by RS Photography, transportation by Top Dog Limo Buses.

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