Real Wedding {Snapshot}

Today’s Real Wedding post is different from the ones you are used to… for it features us along with our clients. Why would we want to post these behind the scene’s photos for you to giggle at us? Well many reasons, but the two I could think of right off the bat:

1. For those skeptical on hiring a wedding planner, it illustrates some of  the undefined “misc duties” we handle on a whim… and

2. It gives aspiring Wedding Planners a glimpse into what we actually do (that’s right, cake eating & champagne sipping are a rarity in our every day lives).

These images were found by one of our interns and she asked “Why are there cats in your fanny pack?” followed by a quick “What is Nicole doing to the bride?!” – I had to laugh when I saw the photos (captured by La Vida Creations of Sarah & Matt’s wedding). But for those of you seeking the same explanations, I was giving a groomsman who missed the rehearsal the night before, a quick run-through on how to properly escort a bridesmaid down the isle (don’t you love how seriously he’s taking his job?)… the kitties were actually our ring bearer “pillows” – which represented the couple’s beloved pets too. Nicole on the other hand was doing something much more impressive, she was sewing up a rip on the bride’s dress while in the trolley en route to photos…  full speed on the freeway mind you!

All in a day’s work!




San Diego Wedding Planner

San Diego Wedding Planner


  1. Courtney T says:

    Love it!! So true!!!

  2. Let’s not forget that the fabulous Nicole didn’t even prick me once. Such fun memories. You guys were (and still are) amazing. 🙂

  3. Ha! Love that you ladies got a kick out those images. It’s so awesome seeing you all do what you do and how important it is for couples to be able to enjoy their day! One of the photos of Nicole working that magic on the trolley even made it into the album… Love that Sarah embraced that memory as part of the story of their day 🙂

    • What? Nicole is going to love hearing that!! Thank you so much for capturing even those moments. All in all that wedding was bomb on so many levels… glad we can re-live it too!

  4. Thank you so much for posting this Brenda! There is so much more to what we do than meets the eye and seeing that our couples are so thankful for that makes our job worth it. I’ve become a pro at sewing wedding dresses on the fly now thanks to Sarah! And Betsy, thank you for capturing this too…always getting those unseen details make the day come alive!

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