Tuesday Shoesday: Engaged in Little Italy!

I am so excited for today’s feature! It comes to you via Swannys Rachel & Marc who are getting married this July.

What I love most about their shoe story is that there is no story… They know I love shoes and shared these photos from their engagement shoot (captured by Studio 64 Photography) for that reason… they didn’t even send me photos of themselves, just their shoes… LOL! As you may imagine, I asked for all the details because for me, every pair of shoes, utilitarian, fashionable, or other, always has some sort of narrative to accompany them.

Here’s what they had to say about their choice of shoes:

“So our engagement photo shoot was coming up and I hadn’t found shoes to wear yet. The dress I found was a simple, flattering black dress. I purposely wanted to wear a simple, black dress because I thought it would be cool to have a pair of shoes that would just, for a lack of a better phrase, be BANGIN’. Plus it would be cool to have a pair of blue heels since powder blue is our main wedding color. So we went shopping, keeping all those things I wanted in mind. Nordstrom, Macy’s, Cathy Jean, nothing and or at least nothing in my little size 5 feet. Then we went to DSW… immediately upon walking in, there they were, right in front of my face! Of course they didn’t have my size in the store. We looked to see if they carried my size at all and they did, but it wasn’t in stock. So of course, I looked on Amazon, and TADA! And $20 cheaper than the sale price at DSW. I bought them immediately and fit great. By the way, my dress was on the sale rack at Macy’s for $15.”

As for Marc’s shoes, well that story is even better because of it’s resemblance to a typical man’s life… simple, easy, and fiance approved! About Marc’s shoes as told by Rachel:

“Those are his cheap everyday brown work shoes that he got at the Bass outlet store in Carlsbad. He originally wanted to wear his Kenneth Cole slip-on brown shoes but I told him to wear the Bass ones because I liked the laces better with what he was wearing, rather than the Kenneth Cole slip-ons. So he cleaned up and shined the Bass lace up dress shoes and rocked them”

Rachel- I am excited to see you’re wearing-in your wedding day shoes!!

What’s your shoe story?



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  1. Thanks for featuring us, Brenda! We’re really excited, and glad you loved the shoes. Keep this in mind fellas, it’s amazing what a good clean and polish will do for your shoes.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Brenda! You the best girl!

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