Thursday Thought: Wedding Decor

The uniqueness of a wedding is often brought about by the location and season, but it is certainly always enhanced by the décor.

Décor adds a visual layer to what your guests will experience during your celebration. But it is more than just an arrangement of flower blooms on the center of a table or lighting that creates a romantic ambiance during the first dance…the layers you can add are not limited to items you rent or have others create for you, often you can look right in your home (or home you grew up in) for the perfect item that will make your wedding that much more special and unique.

Think about this; your wedding is about the only opportunity you’ll ever have to bring ALL the important people in your life, together in one place…what better way for them to feel welcome that with the ability to recognize items from your home?

Such as the family silver, instead of using the rental flatware for the family tables, use the family silver (or china for that matter) if you don’t have enough settings, use it for the sweetheart or head table. After all, that will be the focal point of the photographs during the night. The look of heirloom pieces transcends all wedding themes if you ask me! Nothing is more classic and timeless… perfectly fitting every wedding.

How about the antique carpet (you don’t call these sorts of things “rugs”) your parents had in the living room of your home growing up? How romantic would it be to say your vows with that as your foundation? Maybe there is a crystal punch bowl that can be used for cocktail hour, or a valet tray to use on your gift table for cards. The possibilities are endless really, for the sentimental value of heirloom pieces can not only tie all of the décor together but it can create its own theme… one of love and a future worth cheering for!

Julie & Scott used an antique family carpet from their home and I absolutely loved it! It made me wish that I had thought of that when I got married… for I have a Turkish carpet I bought from a village in Kusadasi Turkey. The stories I can tell about this carpet… and all of the people involved in the various stories… all of who were at the wedding.

Look around your house, your fiancé’s, your parents, even grandparent’s… you know there is a treasure there just waiting to enhance your wedding!



All photos by Harmony Loves

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