Fab Friday! The Perfect Bracelets

I have a strange phobia? Hatred? Dislike? Not too sure what the right word is but, bottom line, I’ve always felt uncomfortable having something on my wrist. Watches, bracelets, even long sleeve shirts you name it I hate it. Without fail, ten minutes after I put on something with sleeves, it gets rolled up a few inches.  However, a calendar-marking worthy event has occurred. These elegant yet simple bracelets by Alex and Ani are incredible.  They can be as simple or as complex as you like. They range from one adjustable bangle to several stacked and connected (I would obviously opt for the single bangle every time but see myself collecting a few single ones).

The charms you can choose from include Zodiac signs, Alma Maters, Sorority letters, birthstones, you name it, it’s there!  No matter what charm you choose, each bangle comes with three small charms- one representing the recycle arrows showing the organic re-purposing process used to make the jewelry, the second with the American flag to display that Alex and Ani produces their gorgeous work here in the USA, and the third with the company’s mission statement “made with positive energy technology”.

Designer Carolyn Rafaelian designs each bracelet to symbolize positive messages for the wearer.  Each is extremely unique with the purpose of expressing what makes you you!  There are hundreds to choose from on their website, or you’ll find them in the all time faves including Nordie’s and Bloomingdale’s.

So, whether you’re searching for the perfect bridesmaid gift, something special for Mother’s day, a new idea for a friend’s birthday, or (my favorite reason) feeling the need to treat yourself after a rough week at work- look no further than Alex and Ani’s beautiful line!!

Hope you love ‘em as much as I do!!


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Alex & Ani Bracelet

Disclaimer: We are not paid spokespeople for the company nor receiving any goods or payment for this post.

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