Tuesday Shoesday 2.0!!

This week we start something new for our Shoesday posts. Sadly, it isn’t posting fabulous shoes we actually own (I wish)… instead, we’ll be posting anything and everything shoes, socks, and fancy feet accessories from former Swannys! What better way to re-live our weddings than by sharing what they strutted down the isle with?! Our couple’s shoes have so many more stories to tell (other than, “I want these shoes”). Plus, We’ll be taking submissions from any and all shoe aficionados, former Swannys, future Swannys, Swannys by default or relation… whatever…. shoes, shoes, shoes…it will still remain a Tuesday of Shoes, just YOUR shoes and YOUR stories!

To celebrate Tuesday Shoesday 2.0 I’d like to grace you with Kimber’s sparkly purple Christian Louboutin stilettos:


San Diego Wedding Planner | Wedding Shoes | Brett & Emily Photography

San Diego Wedding Planner | Wedding Shoes

Kimber bought the stunners in Singapore, after being in the middle of the ocean for 70 days straight! You see, Kimber is in the Navy and during her 15 month engagement she spent over half of it deployed serving our country (not to mention away from her fiancé!). These beauties were a reward to herself upon completing the grueling mission that kept her and fellow shipmates nowhere near land for over two months! Well deserved “pick-me up” I’d say!

Like a sensible Swanny, she started wearing them right away in order to break them in for the big day, it didn’t matter that she was still deployed and wearing them around the ship with her uniform! I bet that flight-suit looked stunning paired up with these!

Love them (and you) Kimber!!



Images by: Brett & Emily Photographers


  1. Thanks for posting my beautiful shoes! I still wear them around the house with my sweatpants when I feel like being glamorous!

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