Inspire Me Monday: Bridal Jewelry!

Bridal jewelry doesn’t have to be something that you just wear on your wedding day.  Whether a statement piece, simple and delicate, funky, or even a family heirloom, bridal jewelry is special, characteristic of you and should make you feel beautiful even after you’ve already shown it off on your wedding day.  Jewelry is something you can wear a year, two years or ten years from now! Here are some fun pieces that would be lovely for the wedding day and can let you re-live the day for the years to come!

-xxo! Nicole

San Diego Wedding Planner | Bridal Jewelry

1. Vintage Cocktail Rings, BHLD | 2. Octagon Earrings Earrings, Jeweliany | 3. Nina “Melandy” Ribbon & Cluster Bib Necklace, Nordstrom  | 4. Mrs. Cuff Bracelet, Spiffing Jewelry  |  5. Love Bracelet, Tiffanys  | 6. Multi Strand Fuchsia Pink & Grey Necklace, Laetitia Jewelry  | 7.  Darling Bow Necklace, Bip and Bop | 8. Mrs. Earrings, Kate Spade   | 9. Laurel Leaf Ring, Turtle Love Co.


  1. Thanks so much for including our Mrs. cuff in with all these gorgeous bridal baubles!

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