Tuesday Bootsday!

It appears as though working through the welcome of a new year actually allows you to propel forward a couple weeks, missing a a bit of hoopla and joyous greetings… But I think I am a fan of  this whole ‘start the new year with a vacation‘ thing, I might just make it a habit… wait no, mandatory!! Yeees, I think I will!

As if we would have it any other way, I’ve decided that the top of our posts for 2013 shall begin with none other than shoes!! <insert surprise here> Today you get a bonus, because it is cold and vigorously maneuvering through internet-window shopping (with mittens on!) allows you to keep your heart rate up and maybe, just maybe, build a little warmth… I found two delicious pairs I’d like to share with you, the first is stunning and demands attention, while the second is a little more casual yet whimsy… both though, are delicious and worth asking Santa to re-think his choice of gifts for me last month… can I send those gifts back I wonder?

Being that I am vertically challenged, I love a little heel, ok a lot of heel… and with this cold snap business, I realized I do not own anything fashionable to keep my tootsies warm… I mean really, who owns anything that functional?? Alas, ‘Dylan’ appears to be that perfect cold weather companion, with an extra boost of platform to help me give the illusion that I am not actually slumped over trying to keep myself warm!

Jimmy Choo ‘Dylan’ Boots



Considering my toes are SO cold and I need something to wear on “casual day”- these beauties fit the bill just right… upon zappos suggesting them to me on their clever flashing sidebar, they took me on a nostalgic ride back to 1991 when I was saving ALL my babysitting money (did you know I used to babysit Bryan from Red Tie Photography!?) to buy the boots all the cool kids were wearing. Behold Doc Marten’s ‘1460’ black Victorian Roses boot, I love this oh-so-appropriate-for-a-wedding-planner flowery print!! Oh Doc Marten, I eternally hold a spot for you and Morissey in my heart…

Doc Martens 1460 Boot

Doc Martens | Tuesday Shoesday | San Diego Wedding Planner

Happy New Year, may 2013 be filled with lots of shoes!!





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