Tuesday Shoesday!

I’m always looking for some red- and not Lady-in-the-night-Red- to be incorporated in an outfit. These classy Dolce Vita Peep Toe Platforms call my name for so many reasons!

One: These beauties have just the right amount of the timeless, beautiful color.

Two: I love peep toes because getting pedicures is something I just cannot resist so I love to be able to show my tootsies off.

Three: the nude/black combo still allows for quite a large amount of versatility when it comes to pairing them with outfits.

Four: the ankle strap accentuates, obviously, your ankle! One of the sexiest, yet least paid attention to, part of our appearance.

And last but absolutely not least: they don’t break the bank! Even as a horribly broke recent college grad, I could totally afford them one day while out shopping and feeling I deserve a little something!! Happy Tuesday!



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