PRO Spotlight: STERLINGS Mobile Salon & Barbershop

Mobile barbershop and salon…yes you heard right!

The Swann Squad got to experience STERLINGS first hand a few weeks ago as they set up shop (literally) outside of our office in Liberty Station.  Although it was our first time stepping our anticipatory feet into this innovative masterpiece, we were quickly mesmerized with their ingenious and stylish concept inside & out. It was so much fun to get pampered in the same space while we could laugh and joke together. Loved it and instantly wanted it for our clients!!

STERLINGS is a fully functioning salon and barbershop that can travel anywhere…literally.  Traveling far and wide, on location…just for you!  What would be better than on-location salon services? Very little we think…  STERLINGS is impeccably innovative, convenient, and feverishly stylish.  Visionary co-founder’s Kush Kapila and Alex Helm gave us the nitty-gritty of the newest mobile barbershop & salon on the block:

The life of the average professional is busy, a.k.a. no time to even think about getting a haircut… Alex explains:

“when we finally did get around to getting a haircut, it was often on the weekends and it involved driving to a barber and usually waiting 30 min. before getting serviced.  Kush and I believed that there had to be a better way…so we decided to create it.”

Partnering up with local companies such as Illumina and Sony Online Entertainment, they began to come to corporate businesses and provide quality and convenient hair care service to employees on their breaks.  They now have a consistent and committed schedule, traveling to different locations all over San Diego throughout the week!  You can find their monthly schedules and locations here.  You can even book an appointment online too!

But wait, there is more, STERLINGS is not only catering to professionals, they are well versed in private events, including, none other than…weddings!  We love this concept because it provides our bridal parties with a unique venue to “get ready” at before the wedding without having to drop thousands on a hotel suite for two-nights, which is the typical minimum required to be able to start getting ready early and not have to check out before leaving to the wedding.  This fun and private space, stocked with a mini bar, ready for your choice of music or movies (apparently Wedding Crashers and The Hangover are favorites while getting a shave) can go anywhere… so if you’re getting ready at your parent’s house or a rental for the week that isn’t exactly picture perfect for the pre-wedding fun… problem solved!

Oh, and their services? They are suited for the men AND women! So often the guys kinda get left out of the “getting ready” fun, yet they too have to get ready. Kush tells us a little more:

“Sterlings takes mobile haircare in a different direction, we provide a range of premium quality services, such as, our premium Men’s cut (the STELLAR Men’s Package) which comes with a Shampoo, scalp massage, scented hot towel and a neck massage. We also offer men’s straight razor shaves, and for the ladies, everything from color, to formal updos to make up!” The best part we learned? We could rent just the airstream and have your personal hair & make-up artists service your bridal party on board, OR you can do trials with any of their amazing team well before the wedding too. Either way, this is a great and fun alternative to getting ready in a pricey hotel room. You can find a full listing of their services here.

We truly are smitten by STERLINGS, I mean who does not appreciate a company who puts a lot of thought into their services? This is what Kush told us when we asked how they selected to do this inside an Airstream:

“The iconic and classic Americana Airstream makes a statement and communicates our dedication to the strong value we have for style and quality.”

Ah, we couldn’t have said it better!  You will quickly learn that everything about STERLINGS consistently communicates their value for quality and style….we just love that! An extremely ingenious and unique experience... we think perfect for anything from a bachelor party, to a bridesmaids pampering day, getting ready… oh gosh, the possibilities are endless!  Who needs an average salon?

What are your plans for “getting ready” on the wedding day?? We should talk STERLINGS!


Nicole & Lizzie



Swann Squad Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement or paid endorsement, the Squad truly believes in sharing with you all of the new and innovative services, as well as the  professionals we have the pleasure of meeting and experiencing on a daily basis so you can enjoy it too!

All photos provided by STERLINGS Mobile Barber Co.

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