Fab Friday! Bridesmaid Earrings

There is a reason why the traditional gift for your bridesmaids is jewelry… because what girl does not LOVE baubles? Okay maybe there’s a few, but that’s okay because even those ladies are likely willing to wear the jewelry you gift them with a smile… all because they love you and support the big step you’re about to take into the rest of your life.

Take a look at these delicious Henri Bendel earrings!

The highlights of these babies:

~A demure chandelier style, not some crazy let-me-use-them-as-a-shield during the Chitauri invasion kind (yes, that is an Avengers movie reference).

~Semi precious stone, cubic zircona, which means they wont break the bank yet will still sparkle brilliantly!

~Fish-hook posts, which allows them to be more secure for the wild night of dancing ahead

Lastly, the ever-so-classic shape of these beauties means that this indeed can be something your girls wear later to either dress-up an outfit or perfectly compliment a little black dress… because let’s be real girls, the bridesmaid dress you picked out, is not going to be the first thing that gets worn again after your wedding.

Have a fabulous Friday!!



Henri Bendel Rocks Cubic Zircona Chandalier Earrings

Photo Credit: Henri Bendel Website


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