Real San Diego Wedding: The Grand Exit!!

You know what just dawned on me? That we already have something “grand” at a wedding… the entrance into the reception, so a “grand” exit actually seems a bit, hmm, redundant… I hereby proclaim that fancy or elaborate exits from your wedding reception at the end of the night be called the “Swanky Exit!”

For today’s Real Wedding post I wanted to share with you an alternative to the recapitulated (incredibly dangerous and illegal) sparklers that are pinned all over pintrest as your Swanky exit.

Since sparklers over 12″ in length are illegal to use in San Diego (despite some venues allowing them), we’ve had to come up with other colorful options… Enter GLOWSTICKS! Not only are these guys far less dangerous and don’t emit toxic smoke, but they come in a variety of fun colors, shapes, sizes,  AND they can be used throughout the night leading up to the exit. How is that not fun??

Logistically, they are much easier to hand out to everyone, because let me tell ya… having to light sparklers simultaneously is next to impossible. Another highlight (pun intended): glow sticks are easy to spot for clean up in the dark when guests decide they’re just gonna drop them on the ground after you leave, aaand, they don’t damage anything at the venue, so you can get your cleaning deposit back!

Look at how happy Nancy and Jon are! They loved their Swanky glow stick exit!

Are you planning for a Swanky Exit?



 All photos courtesy of Chaz Cruz Photography

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