Inspire Me Monday: Festive Cocktails!

In the spirit of this fast approaching holiday season, what better way than to get inspired than with one of the best things about this time of the year…festive cocktails!

Seasonal flavors, vibrant hues, and a whole lot of yummy-ness, these specialty cocktails are always a fun way to get creative and try something new.  Whether hosting a dinner party, holiday party, or wedding, cocktails add a touch of personality while tantalizing your taste-buds.  Check out over 100 tasty holiday cocktail recipes from Marie Claire and The Food Network and check out some of my favorite picks below!  Which festive cocktails will you be trying this holiday season?

-xxo! Nicole

  1. Caramelized Pear Martini, Four Seasons Magazine
  2. Positively Warm Apple Pie, Fete Fanatic
  3. Frozen Mint Julep, Travel Channel
  4. Mulled Cranberry Cocktail, Martha Stewart
  5. Cranberry Mint Margarita,
  6. Cappuccino Up, Marie Claire

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