Tuesday Shoesday!

I loathe ankle boots…and the ONLY reason for that is that the fact that all 5 foot 1 inch of me needs a heel and personally, a lot of heeled ankle boots look weird to me.  I say this while I have a couple pairs in my closet of course, but not one of them give me that head over heels {pun intended} feeling that I get when I set eyes on the Shenanigans Ankle Boot by Seychelles.  Out of shear fate, as if the skies have parted, I found these…these magnificent beauties that have since transformed my view on ankle boots everywhere.  Lace ups, decorative stitching on the heel, oversized buckle strap, and the ideal height heel at 4 ¼ inches…sigh, absolute perfection.  I love that they are unelaborate yet not boring; they are a beautiful seasonal combination that I cannot wait to add to my shoe arsenal!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

-xxo! Nicole George


 Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters Website


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