PRO Spotlight: Ceremonies by Bethel

After the question is asked and the excitement rolls into wedding planning, a lot of energy goes into the details. The biggest detail and reason for all the planning is the ceremony, and what would a ceremony be without an officiant?

As more and more couples are blending faiths and cultures, they are choosing to go the a non-denominational route to truly personalize their ceremony and enter into the sanctity of marriage in their unique way.

Among the many officiants to choose from is Bethel Nathan of Ceremonies by Bethel, who the Swann Squad believes is a genuine article. She has a contagious passion for what she does, and we love her energy! Most of all, we truly value that she focuses on YOU, the couple, which is the driving priority of our services thus making it that much smoother to plan your wedding.

After 9/11, Bethel reflected on her life’s contribution, so she left Wall Street (yes, she among the big players in the financial arena!) and began a new journey… After officiating her brother’s wedding, she made the decision to start officiating as her new found career path. When you talk with her, she will tell you that she loves being the voice for the couples on this milestone in their life. Bethel takes the time to get to know each couple by having them go through exercises which allow them to express their feelings  for one another, in ways they hadn’t thought about, allowing her to extrapolate the puzzle pieces to create a personalized and intimate wedding.

There is neither a generic bone, nor ceremony in Bethel’s wake. Her hands-on approach is thorough too! For she personally delivers marriage certificates to the recorder’s office to make sure there are no delays or “lost in the mail” problems, talk about peace of mind! From start to finish with Bethel you are in caring hands.

The Squad loves working with you Bethel!




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