Pro Spotlight: Michael Tiernan

There is something to be said for someone who brings life, soul, and passion to his work.  Live music, emcee, DJ… Michael Tiernan, owner and musician of Still Listening Productions and Tiernan Tunes, is much more than just a professional wedding musician, and yes although weddings are why we know him so well, he has carved his name in the music industry, even now recording albums, playing live shows and truly making name for himself.  (Keep reading for some Q&A about advice, life, and accomplishment!)  Our personal fav of why we love him?  Despite sharing his “life is love” philosophy and his obvious talent, Michael has the ability to establish a deeper connection with his clients, offering something much more personal.

Music has done so much for me in my life, and the fact that I can bring that same experience to my clients’ is a huge honor for me.  My favorite element however is the live music, especially when the bride and groom ask me to do a song that is deeply personal to them.  I love doing first dances live, or parent dances.  To be a witness to music doing its thing at a crucial moment in the couples’ lives is the best!” –Michael

Keep reading for his obviously brilliant responses to our obviously brilliant questions in our Q&A below:


 “As far as pursuing music as a career, that came after going down so many other roads, including almost becoming a Catholic priest.  Music was with me the whole time, and was my true passion and form of expression.  Its what made sense to me and what helped me make sense of the world.  I sort of feel into the career aspect of it all by default – nothing else made me truly content.”-Michael


Album Recordings?!

Did we mention that Michael has 7 recorded albums?!  10 years since his first recording in the storage closet of his beach apartment (yes, that’s right!), he describes his first album to now…

“(my first album was) full of very intimate thoughts and deeply personal progressions.  Since then, my music has evolved to keep the very personal aspect, yet has moved in a direction that is more commercially appealing—way better production, working with different producers and musicians, the albums have come a long way since then.  I’m proud of each one, because each represents a period of my life and my observations about life, but you can really see the growth and maturity in each one.”


Greatest Accomplishment?

Seven albums, 11 awards, traveling the world, surviving cancer, how could anyone ever pick just one greatest accomplishment with a life like his?  Hands down, his two kids are it!

“Meeting the right person at the right time in my life, and later having two amazing kids was sort of the major unexpected blessing and curveball that life throws you and takes you by surprise.  The direction my life took by having kids, while remaining an artist, committed to making music, as well as sustaining a business in music, is a wild balancing act that keeps me on my toes and super active.  It’s a crazy life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Advice to up and comers?

“If music is your passion, don’t worry about how you will make it work, just be committed to your art and you will find your path.”


If you could perform anywhere RIGHT here, RIGHT now…where would you be?

“I’d love to be playing the Grammy’s (after they present me with mine for best album…) right after the Foo Fighters and right before Jay-Z.”

Check him out at Still Listening Productions and Tiernan Tunes.  Better yet, see him live and local~for his live show schedule, click here!

-xxo! Nicole

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