Fab Friday! Timeless…

It is no secret that the Swann Squad is equally an advocate for the needs of our clients, male or female…as such, we are always on the lookout for all things fabulous across the board and let me tell ya, sometimes I don’t even have to look!

Case in point, this absolutely stunning timepiece by Tag Heuer, it is the Steve McQueen Limited Edition Calibre II- isn’t it gorgeous?? It would make a most amazing groom’s gift. I am pretty sure that opening a box with this in it on the wedding day, would without a doubt rival the “boudoir” photo book… as a matter of fact, I want a redo (yes, I always find reasons for a wedding redo) so that I can give this to my groom on our wedding day. Although… come to think of it, this would also be a great engagement pressie… if we get rings, they can get fancy watches… right?? Oh, I think it is time for a new trend!

What are you giving your groom for his wedding day gift?



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