Thursday Thoughts: Wedding Planning…Differently

Every bride says that they want to do something different for their wedding.  But what makes your wedding, or really anything in your life, new and exciting is the feeling of taking a risk.  Staying “safe” through your planning isn’t always the answer, but being original and having fun while doing it, is.  It is very hard for brides to break out of the mold that society and nearly every wedding blog has set for you, but it is taking the chance of being simply you that can help make the most important decisions.  What kind of food do you really want to eat, not just what you think your guests will like?  How large or small do you really want your guest count to be?  Should you go more glam or are your just more comfortable in a relaxed atmosphere?

Often we are pressured and jaded with wedding traditions, etiquette, and what our families might want.  Although all of those aspects are important, we often end up with the “safe” option rather than what really makes us happy.  Pick that black wedding dress if you really want to!  Incorporate that industrial theme that you haven’t seen anywhere.  The world is your oyster, so go for it!

Think of it this way, would Versace be so well known if he didn’t take risks?  He was just being himself which was timeless.  Remember, being safe isn’t different, but incorporating what you love is.

-xxo!  Nicole


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