Fab Friday: Glass Bottles Wedding Decor

Glass elements have been making their comeback at weddings for some time now.  Fortunately, we have gotten more and more creative by mixing and matching the pieces (one of my favorite things to do!).  The more un-pedicured and antique the glass is, the more and more I love it.

The trend of incorporating common-use glass started with apothecary jars (can you say Candy Buffet?), then it evolved to the mason jars, and now onto the fresh and charming element of pure mismatched bliss.  This is the solution to those of you who aren’t friends with the mason jar or like the apothecary  look but still want to include a beautiful array of glass accents.  By combining sizes, heights, widths, styles, colors, ornate, simple; the outcome is very diverse, yet the overall picture still looks clean and whimsically cohesive.  Maybe it is the Interior Designer in me that makes me biased, but I am absolutely in love with the vintage assortment that can make a fairytale wedding or a backyard wedding look chic and relaxed at the same time.  Have a fabulous Friday everyone!



Swann Soirees,

Photo by The Nichols Studio via Elizabeth Anne Designs.

Swann Soirees

Photo by Lar Leslie via I Want That Wedding.

Swann Soirees,

Photo by Kate Crafton Photography via Ashley’s Bride Guide.


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