Tuesday Shoesday!

Since it is now officially summer, that means our feet should don beautiful pedicures and stunning sandals all day, every day! Right?? Being in San Diego, we have the benefit of what seems like an endless summer… which can be attested by the fact that our footwear of choice is usually the flip-flop (gag me!!).

Before I go off on a rant about how uncouth and hideous the “chancla” (as we Mexican’s call it) is. I will refocus my energy on figuring out how many outfits that I (already) own could use these beauties as accent pieces. Being that rose gold is all the rage as of late, these delicate snake-print sandals by Kate Spade are just another must-have accessory in frenzy that has become “hoard-as-many-rose-gold-things-as-you-can-before-you-remember-how-we-severely-shunned-the-old-lady-metal-a-mere-five-years-ago”– and indeed how we will shun it again by the end of summer… we consumers are fickle like that…

But never the less, it does not mean we cannot irrationally find one hundred reasons to own these sexy yet girly stunners… come on, don’t you think they would be perfect bridesmaid shoes?? You could totally wear them again after the wedding!!



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