Fab Friday: European Honeymoon

We all have our dream honeymoon destinations… Some of you dream about going to exotic places, others want to bike across the States or stay at a Bed & Breakfast, some of you want to lay on a beach with drink in hand for consecutive days… Each one of us is different but we all want that time to be special and unforgettable. As it should be!

I  have traveled around Europe and every time I’m in a new place I feel like an explorer. Every new city or country is so much different than the last, and although close geographically, they don’t look alike at all.

What I love  most about Europe is that there is something for everyone, anywhere you choose to explore; Paris is perfect for all you romantics. But, if you love history and architecture, Prague, Czech Republic and Rome, are a better choice. For all couples who want to sip their drinks by the pool, Croatia and Greece are the best fit, and if you love nature and beautiful lanscapes Ireland or Holland will leave you breathless. Options are endless! Brenda thinks that honeymoons should be taken every year on an anniversary, I say just make the time to travel with those you love no matter when… and definitely consider Europe for the first trip after your vows.

Where in Europe would you like to go?



Swann Soirees, European Honeymoon

1. Ireland, 2.Croatia, 3.Holland, 4. Prague, 5. Rome, 6.Greece, 7. Paris.

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