Fab Friday: Veggie Crudite

The vegetable crudité is a staple cocktail-hour offering. Some of you have grown to completely ignore it if not exclude it from the catering proposal altogether… who even bother’s with it anyway? Total waste of money right??

Wrong. Many guests don’t like chasing down the server tray-passing the puff pastry whatever that doesn’t even make it out the kitchen door, others actually enjoy the refreshing flavor of crisp veggies on a hot summer day, not to mention that with the increasing amount of “dietary restrictions,” some people don’t eat appetizers of unknown or processed ingredients (and it’s not like the servers carry that information past “uh, chicken with sauce”).  So before you discount the need of a veggies at your cocktail hour, venture into the potential of an appealing set-up such as the one below.  Isn’t it gorgeous?   The vibrant punches of color and modern arrangement entice even the carnivore take a second look.

Have a FAB Friday!



Swann SoireesModern Style Veggie set-up

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