FAB Friday! Home Fragrance

Remember the days when incense was all the rage?? Yeah, no, neither do I.

What I do remember, is the day Henri shipped into my life and changed it forever… back in my college days, I used to work as a sales girl in a certain little bath store, everything and everyone smelled delicious at all hours of the day. To expand our reign in all good-smelling-things, the company decided to start carrying a home fragrance line by Henri Bendel, New York’s premier accessory & gift store. Having never heard of this wonderland the company wrote numerous memos about, we awaited the shipment of the fabulous home fragrance items with zest!

Enter cute UPS man with boxes and boxes of stuff that smelled SO good through the cardboard we could not wait to actually open them! Oh it was scent overload… luscious, exquisite, divine… I was pretty sure that if love had a smell, this was it! Henri Bendel’s candles are made in some sort of awesome way that makes them burn evenly and quite potent, they are long lasting and so aromatic the smell lingers even when not burning. They come in a beautiful frosted glass or in a travel tin you’ll want to keep afterwards…the scent selection is extensive too! I was hooked from the start… To an extent that I was mailing the travel sized ones to my then-boyfriend (now husband) while in Iraq for his room/tent. I mean the desert needed to smell good too right?! These became a staple care package item for his following deployments, for he loved smelling something that reminded him of home. I know there is some sort of psychology to smells but I am not the proper figure to expand on that, I just know that these candles became part of my life and I have a story to go with each of my favorite scents (fig, pomegranate, black currant, lemon verbena, and persian lime)… you really gotta check them out. They’d be perfect for out of town guest’s bags, as bridal shower gifts, or for the honeymoon suite!

Have a fabulous Friday!




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