Tuesday Shoesday!

Most of us have met Mr. Michael Kors over the last few years as he’s emerged (or maybe re-emerged, I am not sure) as a staple designer for the average gal. I say average because his designs, sizing, and prices are attainable (realistic) for those who appreciate luxury and quality, but quite frankly, don’t have a pile a cash laying under our bed just waiting to be frivolously spent. Equally, his designs are timeless, with just enough detail to make you feel like you’re wearing a unique piece, but not so trendy that it is going to go in your closet in six weeks and never be seen again.

Lets talk about quality for a bit… I have no idea which third world country is manufacturing these puppies (for all I know they are being made in Iowa)- but the quality of MK’s shoes has surpassed my expectations (for the price). It is as if every pair has been crafted to fit my foot specifically. I own a few pairs from heels to platforms and even a pair of flats… the supple leather is magnificent, the foot contouring is just right, and the hardware isn’t flimsy. Oh how I love me a good pair of shoes!

Today I feature my latest acquisition, a gift from the hubs who decided to break one of my stressful days with a little shoe shopping trip… so I got these Carla platform sandals. They’re delicious. You really should at least go try on a pair…




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