Pro Spotlight: Concepts Event Design

Wedding…the word evokes images of beautiful invitations, lush flowers, and often, a couple dancing the night away in a picturesque setting. To obtain those romantic results the most immediate thought typically isn’t rentals though, but it should be.  Rentals are what will fill the room and transform it into what ever your heart imagines… creating the ambiance you want for your wedding.

Recently, Nicole and I spent some time with Haydee and Fred of Concepts Event Design, when we met at the venue for one of our Swanny’s weddings. Their exceptional care in how they treated this walkthrough reflected the passion they both share for what they do. Quality above all else, is what they pride themselves on, “… all of our items are a reflection of our company and are used as our business card,” states Haydee. After more than nine years of their ever expanding business, Haydee and Fred still get excited to work with a client and learn how they can help, “We always strive for innovation and creativity,” she says. With Fred’s extra special attention to detail (we watched him measure every inch of space & notate every detail), having Concepts in your corner will help give you the peace of mind that you need when creating a stunning space.

Haydee loves their entire process of working with couples; “From first meeting with the client, when we begin to personify their vision, to ordering the perfect fabrics and colors, then seeing it all come together slowly in our warehouse, to finally seeing the full execution done in front of me the day of the event.. THAT is what keeps us going.”

When it came to words of advice they have for all Swannys and couples planning out there, Haydee said, “It really helps when a couple has an idea of what style they want portrayed…Photos, magazine clippings, anything that helps convey the feeling you want.”

So when it comes time for your wedding don’t forget the rentals… it might just be what brings your wedding to life!



Swann Soiress, Concepts Event Design

Swann Soirees, Concepts Event Design

Swann Soirees, Concepts Event Design

Swann Soirees, Concepts Event Design


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