Inspire Me Monday: Vintage Eclectic Wedding

It all started with a wall of shoes at an open market….each individual pair was crafted like a piece of art, they were so beautiful and delicate, yet each had a story to tell.

When I began to look up the shoes and materials, I suddenly found myself gathering photos influenced by them, an eclectic mix of vintage and modern… definitely unexpected but oh so balanced. From the lacey shoes and dress to the Swiss-dot cake and cotton-filled floral decor, it all incorporates a variety of wonderful texture and patterns that work like a piece of art does.

We draw inspiration from different every-day items and it blossoms to what you see below… there doesn’t have to be a determined “theme,”  defined color palette, or even be influenced  by the same era! It is a reflection of who you are, your likes, and how you want to visually remember the day. Where did your wedding’s inspiration start?



Swann Soirees, Mandilee Comstock

1. Vintage Wedding Dress, 2. Paperie, 3. Vintage Wedding Shoes, 4. Vintage Boots, 5. Key Place Cards, 6. Grooms Attire, 7.Wedding Cake by Cake Girls,  8. Crystal Boutonniere, 9. Flower Decor by Jasmine Star.

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