Real San Diego Wedding!

From the very start of the planning process, I knew that the use of bright happy colors was going to be essential for Mandie & Mihn’s wedding. This was probably one of the most colorful weddings I had in 2011 and I loved every minute of it!

The day started off with  with a traditional Tea Ceremony. The processional of family and well wishers began at a local Starbucks where heaps of  local old men play cards & chess on the weekends. It was quintessentially out of a movie… arriving early in the morning to the sight of these men sipping their coffee and bantering on during their intense morning competition. Then along comes a dapper groom and his groomsmen, well dressed family members, distant relatives bearing gifts, all prepping to take a short drive to the house where Mandie is waiting.

It is always a treat when I get to be alongside my bride & groom for the entirety of the day, having the opportunity to be there for such a sacred tradition really makes me love what I do even more…

After the Tea Ceremony and a wardrobe change, we headed out to The Good Samaritan Episcopal Church for the second part of the service. Mandie’s bouquet and shoes were so perfectly  matched!!

The bouquets really stood out against the bridesmaid’s black dresses, what a beautiful balance of the formal and fun right? The men looked really good in their charcoal gray suits too! It is hard to see, but their boutonnieres were itty bitty version’s of the corresponding bridesmaid bouquet. Such a lovely touch!

Color was everywhere! Even in the guest book pens!

Remember I told you Mandie was a teacher? Well, we used alphabet & number cards as our table numbers and then had giant matching cards direct guests to their side of the ballroom (it was a BIG wedding!)

The escort cards were individually hand-cut flowers on photo-clip “stems,” which had the guest’s name hand-written by her dad. They were displayed on a round table nestled in moss, which made them look like they were sprouting out of grass!

The color of the flower designated their meal choice and we added a “leaf” to the flowers of vegetarian guests. Talk about getting creative! Below you also see one of the alphabet card table numbers.

The ballroom was decked out with a mixture of high & low centerpieces full of all color flowers. Seriously, it was as if we were frolicking the flower fields!

One of my all-time favorite favors is a photo booth, guests (and Mandie) have so much fun in it and the take-home is something that you actually get to enjoy over and over. Plus, remember the escort card “stem” above? Yes, well now you now why we did that! It was a well thought-out favor if you ask me!

Suddenly, between dinner courses… we had a Party Rock Flash Mob!! Gotta love the best man’s preparedness for this moment!

As if you hadn’t had enough of the sweetness oozing out of this post. Mandie did something really remarkable & selfless on her wedding day…

Let’s go back a little bit first: While our beautiful bride was dress shopping, she found “THE” dress, a most stunning gown that made her feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. She loved that gown but had trouble spending the several thousand dollars it cost. She thought about buying it long and hard… this was no ordinary dress, it was THE dress! While it was in her budget, the thought of spending so much on just one garment really troubled her, so instead, she decided to buy a gown which was a fraction of the cost…

On the wedding day, when she tossed her bouquet (she dubbed it, the “Wish Bouquet”) to all the ladies at her wedding, not just the single ones, she announced that the woman who caught the Wish Bouquet would get to pick a charity which Mandie would donate the price difference between her “dram dress” and the dress she was wearing. This was seriously the most beautiful thought I had ever witnessed in a wedding. Just beautiful. It truly wasn’t about thinking the dress was too expensive, but more about what that money could do for a greater cause. It brings tears to my eyes just to type it up and tell you about it…

Mandie & Minh, such a pleasure being part of your wedding day!! Cheers to many more years!! xxo! Brenda

PRO TEAM: Photos- Narrative Images | Flowers- Rae Florae |Cinematography- Omnistories | Venue, Catering, and Cake- Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines | Favors- Mobile Photobooth | Hair & Make-up- Marisa Von Sheere | DJ & Lighting- Blake Miller, PRO Motion Entertainment.


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    LOVE this! The flowers are incredibly fun.

  2. What great colors!! Thanks for sharing.

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