Inspire Me Monday: {Not your Average} Beach Themed Wedding

I have never been a huge fan of a sea inspired wedding themes, until… Ursula slapped me in the face with a sinister under-the-sea splendor. I felt as though the same basic seashell and starfish decor dressed in light colored hues had become highly overrated and uncreative. Today’s inspiration board has reignited the spark between the romantic ocean ambiance and my un-enthused perceptions.

This mood board’s palette is centered around the warm colors of the ocean rather than the common bright whites and shades of blue. Personally, I feel centerpieces are a pivotal element in conveying the overall theme to your guests. With a few statement pieces as the focal point, you can go simple on table and glassware thus avoiding too much clutter. The clamshell runner joined with coral accents and candles embrace the moments that have left an underlying statement of warmth and happiness; that of the emotion you feel when you are in the presence of the one you love.

Buuut…..Hold on décor, you might have to take the back seat on this one to a bombay necklace and scaled diamond pumps fit for any Ariel awaiting her prince Eric. These pieces were pulled straight out of a King Tritons treasure chest refusing to go unnoticed!!

The seashell bouquet and sea urchin boutonniere encompass the “washed up” beauty of the ocean…  You know, where you’ll find those uniquely-shaped shells,  when walking along the shore & think to yourself “this is going to be a keeper!”  What do you think about this Ocean theme??

How I love for the ocean…



Swann Soirees, Beach Wedding Inspiration1. Bombay Necklace, 2. Oyster Garland, 3. See Urchin Boutonniere,  4. Sea shell and Wood Flower Bouquet, 5. Coral Centerpiece,

6. Scaled Diamond Pumps,  7. Oyster Shell Centerpieces, 8. Oyster Shell Votives.

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