Real San Diego Wedding {Snapshot}

This photo makes me so happy just looking at it!

First of, it reminds me of a photo I have on a dock in Greece with my BFFs and our shadows are reflecting off the beautiful Aegean Sea. I’ll have to find that photo and share it sometime…

But this was not in Greece, this beautifully captured moment was of Mandi and her bridesmaids during their post ceremony photos on the UCSD Campus last summer. Mandi was one of the happiest brides I’d had all season…I am not sure how to describe such a delicate bride who seemed to just flutter about on a daily basis, I loved getting to see her during our planning because she was so contagiously loving!  On her wedding day, she was ten times more sweetly happy and in love…. Oh it was brilliant! She had the perfect bridesmaids too, they were attentive, energetic, and very happy to let Mandi have the spotlight all day. Just as it should be…

Happy Wednesday!



Photo by Narrative Images

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