FAB Friday: Wedding Lingerie

Not all women want to wear the quintessential lace or barely-there lingerie on their wedding night or even for the honeymoon.

Why not consider something unexpectedly luscious? Like these flirty Jasmine Bloomers from Etsy seller Angela Friedman. They are a perfect blend of feminine and provocative with the silky soft ruffles. Yowza! They come in a variety of colors AND they are custom made for you- with a vintage cut or a modern fit.

Playful and sexy without being forward… making them an appropriate bridal shower gift, or heck, the bride can buy these herself! These would be adorable for a boudoir shoot too! YUMM!

Have a fabulous Friday!

Swann Soirees


  1. Dana Clayton says:

    Quaint Essentials = lovely panties… XO

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