Tuesday Shoesday!

Nude shoes are absolutely 100% my Achilles heel.

Why? You can wear them with anything…yes anything. Dress them up or down, girls night out or formal attire, the opportunities to bust these babies out are endless. So this is no surprise that I was naturally drawn to these lovelies by Pedro Garcia. I can honestly see myself wearing these suede masterpieces to snazzy up an outfit for the office just as much as I can see wearing them as I walk into a Vegas club. I love the versatility that comes with the neutral color, and adore the chunky ankle strap, giving support to what some would refer to a 4 inch daunting heel. 4 inches…please, I’m 5’-1” so I need the height! Finally the most unexpected part; the mini peep toe which shows just enough from an otherwise conservative heel. I sigh as I marvel over these beauties in the hopes that my birthday came a little sooner. Happy Tuesday everyone!



Swann Soirees, Tuesday  Shoesday

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