PRO Spotlight: Cake Ball Love {Wedding Desserts}

I would love to introduce you to Pam from Cake Ball Love. Brenda met Pam last year through twitter… which comes  as no surprise to those who are also users of it. After having one of our beautiful Swannys continuously disappointed with the lack of options for her wedding sweets, Brenda reached out to Pam in hopes that she could help realize our bride’s dream of something unique for her wedding dessert (which she did!). It only took one late night rendezvous to start what has become a beautiful and delicious, relationship!

Even though Pam has been baking for as long as she remembers, she started her business only about a year ago. She never thought that she’d have a business in baking, but the joy of creating cake balls has launched her into the endevor which has grown exponentially. I asked Pam to share with us what keeps her motivated as a cake-baller extraordinaire: 

“I love taking traditional cake decorating techniques coming up with new and “out of the box” ways of approaching them on a cake ball cake. I think the challenge of new ideas and concepts is what keeps me going. Constantly trying new things keeps me motivated.”

Creating goes far more than just making sweets though, Pam’s design process begins with the selection of flavors, to which she adds: “I suggest that a couple pick up to four, simply because after having more than four cake balls, you don’t taste the flavor anymore, just sugar.” Once the flavors are picked, the design process begins! Pam especially loves it when brides bring visuals, whether it be invitations, a color palette or a picture of something that embodies the feeling of their wedding, she loves to be able to create with that influence just for the couple and their wedding and she never replicates a cake.

Cake Ball Love offers everything from the simple cake ball, to cake pops, and cake ball cakes. She also has gluten-free and vegan options, with a variety of flavors that change with the seasons (yeap, they are made form scratch!). We love Pam & hope you do too!



Swann Soirees, Cake Ball Love

Photo by Elle G. Photography


Swann Soirees, Cake Ball Love

Photo by Laura Christin Photography


Swann Soirees, Cake Ball Love

Photo by Melissa McClure Photography


Swann Soirees, Cake Ball Love

Swann Soirees, Cake Ball Love

Photos by La Vida Creations

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