PRO Spotlight: Elite Image Limo {Transportation}

Jon Brattland with Elite Image Limo recently took some time to share a little insight about his company & planning your wedding-day transportation.

But first, I’d like to start at the beginning and share how Elite Image became who they are today.

Influenced by the limo companies of yesteryear, which offered clients bland cars with poor upkeep and less than satisfactory customer service, Jon Brattland and Eric Wahlgren set out to build a limousine no one had ever seen. Not only were they going to build this unique new vehicle, but armed with years of business experience, overall knowledge of vehicles, and a value for customer service, they set out to make the client experience that of what most of us would consider is reserved for the elite.

Within seven weeks of coming up with the “idea”- Jon & Eric had their first limo built and ready to hit the town. From the streets of San Diego to their debut at the 2004 Las Vegas Limo Expo, Elite’s Chrysler Jade limo and all of the special features created quite a buzz.

It wasn’t long before a whole fleet, of high quality cars were built! The drive to set the bar for superiority in all aspects of the business results in a strict quality of service. They keep the cars warehoused, well maintained, thoroughly cleaned, and smelling like new. Their consistent attention to all areas of the business has allowed Elite Limo to make a solid name in the industry.  

They also work with your time line and like to start with what your vision for the event is (transportation wise). Jon will help you build the perfect package and in most cases saving you money. There are always options and Jon will make sure you know what they are.

Some tips and words of advice for those brides who are looking into transportation for the first time:

  • The car on the web page may not be the car you get. It’s worth the time to go down and take a look at the car(s) inside and out. Don’t forget the ever-important sniff… Jon warns, if there is an overpowering smell of febreeze that is a red flag to cleanliness.
  • Always allow extra travel time… If it takes you 10 minutes in a regular car to travel between destinations, it is a completely different story when traveling via limo, the more time you allow, the less stressed everyone is (and the less you pay in overage fees).
  • When trying to figure out how much room you need for everyone, count yourself (Bride) as 2 people; you need room for that gorgeous dress!
  • If you’re considering having photos taken in multiple locations, always include the photo/video crew as passengers in the limo- most efficient use of your time!
  • Speaking of locations, have your desired photo destinations planned out before the big day so as to avoid driving all over town and not actually taking photos.

Great stuff right?? We do thank Jon very much for the extra bits of knowledge!

Lastly, we have to give Jon and Eric big props! For they too know how to give back to their community! Their charities of choice; Susan G. Komen, Eastlake Church, and Rady’s Children Hospital …they’re always up for helping many more too. Elite Image Limousine truly lives up to their name in every facet of their business. If you need a ride, make sure Elite is on your list.



Swann Soirees, Elite Image Limo

Swann Soirees, Elite Image Limo


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