Tuesday Shoesday!

Happy Tuesday Shoesday… From the future! I’m totally getting a kick out of saying that right now…probably overdone but that’s ok, I’m easily amused.

Today’s shoes I found while browsing through one of our {Aussie} Swanny bride’s magazine; Complete Wedding Melbourne. If I were judging solely by the magazine & the heaps of bridal stuff I’ve seen out here the last week (in Australia), it appears that the white wedding shoe holds very solid ground out here.
While at first sight I thought white shoes were  antiquated & boring, the more I explored the vast array of shoes, the more I became convinced that… Well, wedding shoes are great no matter the color!! Ok ok, so that’s not really a revelation… But there’s something so sweet and sentimental about the one-time use wedding shoes (you know, kinda like your dress)… before you hate on that thought, go into your closet and see how much stuff you have in there you’ve only used once or still has tags on it from over six months ago. Now… With that settled… Take a look at these lovely shoes, traditional in color but the super fun adornments still give them enough flair to keep them from being mundane. White never looked so good!



Swann Soirees, Tuesday Shoesday,

Kristen by Bourne Collections of London

Swann Soirees, Tuesday Shoesday

Cortez by Novat Footwear International

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