Wedding Flowers with a Twist {Inspire Me Monday}

Paper flowers, fabric flowers, lace flowers, clay flowers…Why be traditional when you have options?

As much as we hate to admit it, the wedding flowers that you’ll have at your wedding will not last forever. But now, brides can take that traditional necessity and personalize it with anything BUT flowers! Fabric, clay, paper, rhinestones, beads…the possibilities are endless! The best part? No guilt from their inevitable disposal! This is a great idea for progressive brides who are environmentally conscious or want to keep their bouquet as a keepsake for years to come. These pieces can be as DIY or as homemade as you like, AND can also become a glamorous and complimenting statement!


Ania & Nicole

Fabric Flowers Inspiration, Swann Soirees Wedding Planning,

1. Fabric Bridal Wedding Bouquet, 2. Fabric and Rhinestone Bridal Wedding Bouquet, 3.  Ivory and White Silk and Jeweled Bridal Bouquet by Emici Bridal.

Fabric Flowers Inspiration, Swann Soirees Wedding Planning

1. Water Lilly Bridal Bouquet, 2. Vintage Brooch Bouquet by  Fantasy Floral  Design, 3. Purple and Green Handmade Paper Flower Bouquet, 4. Feather Bouquet, 5. Felt Embroidered Bouquets.

Rhinestone Flowers Wedding Bouquets Inspiration, Swann Soirees Wedding Planning

1. Rhinestones and Jewelry Bridal Bouquet by Noaki Jewelry, 2. Beaded Flower Bouquet, 3. Ivory and Cream Silk Bridal Bouquet by Emci Bridal, 4. Blue Brooch Bouquet. Photo by Forever Photography Studio  via  Style Me Pretty,

Fabric Personal Flowers, Swann Soirees Wedding Planning,

1. Fabric Flower Corsage, 2. Cream Fabric Lace Flower Corsage, 3. Fabric Flower and Feathers Corsage, 5. Green Navy Blue Boutonniere, 6. Yellow and Grey Paper Flower Boutonniere, 7. Paper Flower Boutonnieres, 8. Blue and White Paper Flower Boutonnieres.


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