Hello, our name is Swann Soirées!

Swann Soirées isn’t just another Wedding Consulting firm, our team is made up of individuals with our own style, unique quirks, and motivators. Each of us have a different outlook on all things weddings; from design, traditions, and flowers, to details, DIY, and a love-hate relationship (some of us love them and some of us hate them) of current trends … you get the idea. The best part is that we are a family of women who thrive on collaborating around client needs, not only because we get to showcase our knowledge but because we value each other’s strengths and in turn also present our versatility. Combining our diverse personalities is what makes us successful and fuels us to constantly grow as not only coordinators/planners/designers, but as women too.

I asked our team to describe their OWN design personalities in a few words… this is what they had to say:

Swann Soirees Weddings and Social Events, Brenda Swann,


Carefree & Bold. I’d like to think I have a little edge, for I am not afraid to push the limits (or stay within boundaries) to be happy (or make clients happy) – even if that puts me in a place I am not comfortable.”


Elegant, understated, and ebullient”

Swann Soirees Weddings and Social Events, Ania Archer,


Sweet and sentimental…definitely whimsical and amorous”

Swann Soirees Weddings and Social Events, Stephanie Hammerster,


Trendy, chic, and “up-to-the-minute”

Swann Soirees Weddings and Social Events, Nicole George,


Classy yet eclectic, romantic, and never defined”

xxo! Nicole

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