Tuesday Shoesday!

I know you aren’t going to believe me, but I am not usually looking for shoes when they find me.

I do love shoes very much, but I am not as obsessed as you probably imagine (probably right below that), in fact, I’d like to think I am  mentally healthy thus do not obsess over any specific thing (unless we’re talking pumps over platforms)… But seriously, I happen to be looking for a fishing rod online when I accidentally hit a multitude of keys that landed me on the Nordstrom page, specifically on these shoes… I AM NOT LYING!

I didn’t even have shoes to share today! I just came across them and they are dang cute!! I am most definitely a fan of girly accessories, which these guys are, complete with the cute little bow closure, scalloped edges, and lace-like details. I must have them and if not I, then then one of my gorgeous brides needs these… super pretty under a wedding dress and just perfect enough to wear out after the wedding, don’t you think??



Joan & David Cicilee Pump


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