FAB Friday!

To Bouquet or Not to Bouquet?

Yes, bouquets are a lovely tradition, but now-a-days who wants to be traditional? We’re all constantly looking for that one unique idea that is going to separate us from the last wedding… whether it was the wedding you attended, were a part of, or planned…

Alongside the beauty of a bridal gown, hair & makeup, and of course, stunning shoes, a bouquet is a key part of the bridal ensemble… yet  it is always the first thing to get lost as the day goes by. Upon completing the walk down the aisle the bouquet makes a few photo cameos then gets set aside, sometimes becoming just another floral arrangement for the reception >sigh<.

What better way to keep your bouquet close than to wear it!!??

Hello awesome…we seriously want to have do-overs just so we’d have an excuse to wear live flowers. Such a great option if your budget only allows for a simple gown too, you can glam it up like this! Have a FABulous Friday!


Stephanie & Ania

Live Flower Necklace

Photo by Melissa Schollaert Photography via Wedding Chicks.

Live Flower Necklace

Photo 1 & 2 by Melissa Schollaert Photography via Wedding Chicks, 3. Flower Necklace by The Full Bouquet.

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